Sunday 2nd September it rained so hard

Now some dogs don’t mind the rain, but I am very much a fair weather girl, so I wasn’t as disappointed about missing out on my usual long hike on Sunday.

My owner was prearmed with loads of information on games to play with dogs in recovery, and instead of me just having my dinner, I was set puzzles to earn it.

The first challenge was to put a yoghurt pot into a cube fruit salad tub, I do a lot of basketball games, so this was not to hard to master.

Fluke wanted to join in, and get this for supreme Toller brain powern not !! Flukes been off his food lately, its my owner that drives us out for the long hikes, so we have both been missing out. Now where as I am alway hungry and will eat anything, if Fluke is not starving he goes into fussy mode, but now – watch him desperately doing clicker training for the food the Burns Fish and Brown rice he just turned his nose up too. Maybe it’s the attention he likes.

For the second challenge we robbed the box ready for the charity shop. From which we got teo bamboo vases, for a warm up we put tennis balls in these, but then we progressed to oblong shapes, working our way up to a rubber bone, which to be honest even had me puzzled, when it was dangled over and I was told to hold and drop, I had it, but manouvering it into that position myself from the floor is a totally different animal. I got loads of treats for attemps but very few Jackpots. So will have to have a ponder on how to work out this one, don’t want my jackpot queen crown slipping.


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