Day 9 I should be experiencing lots of new things, my first trip to the Isle of Wight, first time sleeping under canvas, first trip on a boat, instead I’m at home groan !

I should be at Nodes point on the Isle of Wight experiencing my first camping holiday, Nodes point on the Isle of Wight reflecting on my first trip on a boat, the Isle of Wight Red Funnel Ferry instead I’m still at home trying to recover from this glass cut, could I be more fed up !

I should be at Nodes Point on The Isle of Wight experiencing holidays like Hooch my brother I never met had

To makes matters worse two men arrived and started banging like I’ve never heard in my home before, being noise phobic after the local pub had a big firework night, I shot of my futon like a rocket, zoomed into the shrubs removing my bandage as I went.

Noisy men turn up make real racket, but leave comfy flooring

After they had gone though I did notice at last my hints that I did not approve of the bare floor boards look of the past week, had at last been actioned.

My paw

day 9 healing of glass wound injury, masquerading as day 8, you just cannot get the staff

well it doesn’t look to bad, but from some angles its obvious that there is still a flappy bit, hopefully its healing from the inside out, but my owner was fretting about whether I could catch this tear it back and set myself back to-day one of healing, please No !, the vet said 10 – 14 days, and I have allocated 9, I’m always optimistic.

We did more relaxation protocol today, and Mummy added legs to my Nina Ottosson Dog Casino game to discourage me from using my injured paw to open the drawers, I love these games, they are about the only thing that helps when loud noises make me really scared, I actually can’t bring myself to come out of hiding for even pieces of chicken, but as soon as I see my favourite Nona Ottosson games, I remember all the fun at finding the food, and forget all about being scared. Bizzare eh

We also did a new game, my owner had treats in her hand, and Mummy made a very watered down version of the banging noise, as I heard the sound, my owners hand opened and there was the treat, it was weird I hate bangs but this one wasn’t very loud, and I was almost waiting for it, as every time it did hey presto another treat.

Also had to give my owners lots of cuddles as she was really upset about a nasty person that deliberately ran over a dog and killed it. How could anyone doing something like that, see a dog walking with it owner in the countryside on a leash, and then deliberately drive a stolen motorcycle into the dog and kill it. My human said they must have an off switch for their conscience, I wonder if something really bad happened to them to make that happen, its very sad that some people can intentionally set out to cause pain to an innocent creature.


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