Day 8 more Relaxation Protocol and some cup stacking for the Online Clicker challenge

Last night I had a bandage free night, I had my Buster Collar on and slept cuddled into my owner, the theory being that some air to the tissue would be a positive thing, as you can see, it seems to have worked, Maybe I’ll be able to go for a walk soon. My owner even wonders if I could already even though the vet said 10 – 14 days, we are considering a light lead walk.

Day 8

So I woke my owner up at 6am with a nice slobbery face wash, she loves nothing better I can tell from her squeals of delight. Once I considered her clean, we set to work on my bandage, now after the click and treat per roll of the bandage I am so chilled about all this, and we even utilized my LEAVE IT trick. Firstly food is placed at my nose, I then stare at it while a percentage of the necessary is done to my paw and get a treat as my reward, we then repeat this game until my first aid needs are taken care of. I had a nice little massage as well, and a little lie in cuddle.

Next I examined the new bathroom carpet that Mummy fitted yesterday, could really lose Fluke in there now, as he totally blends into the gold carpet, on the way down I surveyed my owners paint touching up of yesterday as well, all seems to be in order. Apparently the outside toilet is due for a revamp today, why it’s called an outside toilet I don’t know, as it does have its own little room in the garden.

We did more Protocol For Relaxation again today, and again my little bro joined us, we also did some Online Clicker Challenge in the form of cup stacking my paw is much better and I can move around much more, light at the end of the tunnel for sure, whiskers crossed I’ll be back out hiking soon, my human and I are both missing the great outdoors.


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