Day 7, wound back on track after misdemenur, and the unthinkable happened

Today on examination of my wound, great news the filling was back as you can see, so my misdemenur was forgiven, my owners failure at waterproofing mummy and I are still livid about.

Day 7 Extreme close up of Wound

Day 7 my little mishap yesterday doesn’t seem to have done to much damage

Today we did loads of work on the Karen Overall Protocol for Relaxation from the Champion of my heart MP3 files. My owner returned to the mat where I was lying in the garden, from a trip into the house to fetch her blackberry headphones as a neighbours party was making the speakers worse than useless, to find a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever beside me on the mat, she went in again to fetch more treats. We both did extremely well chilling out on our mat even though there were dogs barking and children screaming, cheering and singing coming from other gardens.

In my opinion the relaxation protocol is a fabulous thing to teach your dog


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