Day 6 – recovering from Glass Injury, both paws trussed up like a Xmas turkey and I sound and look like I am auditioning for Stomp everytime I need to go to the toilet

Well it is nice to have a break from the Buster collar, but this means I must have both my paws trussed up like a Christmas Turkey!

Dermititis right paw cut on left trussed up like a Xmas Turkey

Why ? well my right paw is suffering from Dermatitis, after I was allowed to go without my Buster Collar to soon and I licked around the wound to my stopper pad as it was itchy and gave myself Dermatitis, this is proving really difficult to get rid off, and I am on antibiotics for it. I must have this washed daily with the heavily diluted Chlorhex then it has to be dabbed perfectly dry with an absorbent kitchen paper towel (after you wash a wound it is really important to dry it) next comes the stingy gel called Fuciderm, my owner drops a handful of treats on the bed and then applies this while I eat them. This is so itchy that even when I was enjoying walks it would drive me so mad I would stop and lick at it. My Mum Clover a Tri Border Collie, also suffers with lots of allergies, so this is probably an inherited sensitivity, or it could be that my Mum was under a lot of stress when I was in her belly, as she was living rough as a stray, and gave birth to me and my siblings in a barn she had clawed her way in to. Anyway so that’s why today I am sporting a sock on my right paw, with some vet wrap over the top, so I can’t lick and agitate my Dermatitis through the sock.

My left paw is looking much better, but to her the wound looks like its healing really well, my owners not a vet but my unfortunate almost magnetic attraction to any carelessly abandoned broken glass, has certainly offered her plenty of practical experience in wound care. Her talent in Gazebo waterproofing though is somewhat in question, as after a night of downpours we woke to find my futon mattress all soggy, I am totally unimpressed.

L shaped wound looks to be healing really well

My garden is also really wet, and so before I was allowed to go out to toilet, I was further humiliated by having a Asda carrier bag secured to one paw and a Morrisons one to the other, first i stood there, how was I possibly going to walk in these mismatched contraptions. Eventually I was lured outside with treats, as I moved I sounded like part of the group Stomp, rustle, crinkle, pop, oh joy this is going to be another fun and exciting day, not !

Auditioning For Stomp



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