Day 6 Does the punishment fit the crime, Positive punishment training

Oh dear, I grabbed the chance at not having my Buster Collar on and took of my bandage and had a good lick of my wound.

Boy was my human a ghastly shade of white, paw inspected though, and thank goodness my wound was not opened, it looked like a really thin L shaped paper cut, where as before this episode it had some filling. My owner wondered if I had removed some of the granulation tissue though (granulation tissue functions as rudimentary tissue, and begins to appear in the wound already during the inflammatory phase, two to five days post wounding, and continues growing until the wound bed is covered). I was bandaged up again and put back in my Queen Elizabeth Fancy dress outfit (AKA Head Collar).

So another really boring day without walks today or so I thought, my brother came back from the park and gave me all the local dog gossip, Mummy was ranting as not only had she found more broken glass, but also a large Vodka bottle with a fourth of its contents still inside and a half full beer can, so worrying with so many toddlers using the park. In order to calm down and rest after her busy walk of park cleaning, Mummy and Fluke decided to join me on my futon in the garden, it was so relaxing we all fell asleep, it was so lovely until the unthinkable happened.

Firstly it rained, and then it absolutely poured but we all slept through that, water built up in my owners waterproofing system and every now and then there was a Splash, as the load got to much and it emptied itself. All was well until a build up and a freak gust of wind struck in unison, in went the sheet, dragging itself despite its weights inwards as the water build up let loose, all over Mummy and I, somehow Fluke managed to be lying in a protected dry spot, guess it wouldn’t dare to soak a Toller. Well Mummy went from giving delightful little sleeping sounds to yelling out an almighty scream, my owner was told in no uncertain terms about how her waterproofing system was not fit for purpose.

Now if the waterproofing had failed when I was laid on the futon myself earlier tearing of my bandage and having a sneaky lick of my paw, I would have accused my owner of veering from the Progressive Reinforcement Training Manifesto, and using Positive punishment (the adding of an aversive stimulus to decrease a certain behavior or response) training but as the incidents were so apart, I guess they must have been unrelated, or were they ?


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