Day Four – recovery from glass chucked into a lake injury

Feeling a bit better today, and some of my human friends from my old agility club came to visit, and advise on bandaging, it involved lots and lots of treats, and my own human is clicker training both my brother and I to have our uninjured paws bandaged as well, so there is lots of food yeh !!!

Two of my human friends came over today, and advised on how to bandage, the end result still looks pretty scrappy

Still in the Buster Collar, but as soon as it’s taken off and cant help myself but try and relieve my itchy paw, so I guess it’s for the best, some of my doggy friends owners left them without a buster collar and they did so much damage to their wounds they ended up without walks for months.

Thinking of all the sausages I could have bought with all this money spent on healing this wound

More shopping on things for wounds, what a waste, I could have spent the money on Tuna steak, sardines or sausages, Now I know why my owner clears up all the glass she spots while we are out walking, one day we were in the forest and there was a vodka bottle smashed into about 10 really jagged pieces, there were kids running around on the grass, loads of us dogs, and also the deer and the ponies.


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