Day three – The Daily Moment of Truth

It will soon be time to take my bandage off and check my wound, my human is pensive.

If it’s still in place and looking clean and okay, it can just be rebandaged. If it has come apart or the pad looks infected, then I might have to goto the vets and even stay there and have an injection to make me sleep while they stitch my paw.

I have never stayed at the vets before, and as I’m quite shy, I don’t think I’d like it much. I do like people, I especially like it when they give me food, and I find the little things my own human taught me, like roll over, or waving my paw, can grab the attention of most humans and get them to give you a treat. It’s being touched I don’t like, I only like people I know to touch me, and if anyone else trys, I back away from them, my human tells them I’m shy and then they leave me alone.
You just can’t be to careful with humans you see, when I was a puppy lots of our little neighbours came in and played with me and cuddled me, and it was great fun. So when I saw a little human in a pet shop I wagged my tail, happy to see him, suddenly he drew back the light saber he was carrying and before I knew it I felt a blow across my back, I yelped and huddled behind the knees of my own human.

A few incidents like this have taught me that some humans are nice and some can be unpredictable and suddenly cause you pain, and so I have found it best to take a little time to get to know people, and make sure they can be trusted before I put myself at risk.

I really can’t understand why some humans do these things, I would never just go up to someone and bite them, I haven’t even attempted to bite anyone that has hurt me, so why someone should want to hurt me I don’t know, its all very perplexing, and scary.


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