Day Three – my recoverey from discarded glass injury

My Second full day without walks, as I was obviously happily playing and running about before a carelessly discarded bit of glass got me at the lakes.

Some of the first dressing is stuck in the wound but it is healing nicely I think

Well they watched the you tube video on how to apply a dogs bandage, but their attempts were a mess, 5 failed attempts, they finally achieved it but to tight, so I had to twitch my foot like mad to tell them, granted I was awfully helpful, and fidgeted quite a lot. And now I was down to one owner pulling her hair out and a too tight bandage, so I decided to lie on our double bed, dangle my poorly foot over, and be tollerant, seven bungled attempts later, I finally was wearing a well applied conconction of dressing pad, bandage and pink vet wrap with horses dancing on it.

The L- Shaped wound is looking better, but alas little bits of the first dressing have stuck in the wound, as the instructions were not to wash it, and attempts to cut it seemed likely to displace the flap, all was left well alone.

I decided that as I had not had my regular outings to the forest or the lakes, I would soak up as much of the outside as I could. And so I hobbled in between the various beds that had been put out for me. My human waterproofed the gaps in the gazebo, so even when it rained my futon matress stayed dry, I stayed out even when it got dark and we layed together practising Tellington Touch, while I pondered how much trouble it really is for people to put their glass in the bin.

It’s pouring with rain, and getting dark, but I’m staying on my futon under the gazebo in my garden. Since stepping on that bit of glass in the lake, my only trip out has been to the vets, apart from that I’ve been hobbling around the garden, wearing this stupid cone, to stop me trying to pull of the bandages and licking at the wound.


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