Day two already fed up

Vets this morning,   all I could think about was how hungry I was as I had been on Nil by Mouth since 7pm last night,  I am the biggest foodie ever,  so to me this was a huge nightmare.

I woke up and could bare a little weight on my paw,  and so I tried to remind my owner about breakfast,  as she was having an obvious attack of amnesia,  nothing worked and we both went hungry.

As soon as my foot touched the outside world,  ouch the hard concrete path put paid to me walking,  and so I was carried to and from the car,   not that I mind this,  but my owner is not the strongest of females and at times the purchase of a crash helmet had to be considered.

I dont hate the vets like some dogs,  but its not my favourite place either,  we both sat on my owners fleece on the floor and cuddled,  more tellington touch,  thank you Uncle Bob for buying her that book.

My time arrived and I saw one of my favourite vets,  who was very kind and gentle.

The Good news was that my wound had pressed down into exactly the right spot,  so no need for stitches,  and me being left at the vets,   never done that before,  and yeh I could have food.

The bad news was the healing process obviously hadnt even started,  and it would be a long one,  at least ten to fourteen days,   the vet bandaged my foot up,  gave me some antibiotics and I came home and dozed off on my patio in the garden,  various beds were made up for me and so I bed hopped throughout the day.

My owner you tube searched  how to bandage a wounded paw, ready for tomorrow,  as it needs to be changed daily,  and ordered some pink and purple vet wrap for me.

As much as I love the lakes boy do I wish I had stayed in yesterday !!

Already totally fed up


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