Hello world!

On the 20th August 2012,  I cut my paw,  on some broken glass,  why people feel the need to break glass in parks,  the forests, national parks,  the countryside anywhere I dont know.

href=”https://mydogsrecoveryfrombrokenglassinjury.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/dayone.gif”> Someone dropped glass in the lake where I was playing, the vet says it will take at least 14 days for my paw to heal, and for me to be able to go out and enjoy my walks again.[/caption]

I have been  unfortunate enough to  hurt my paw due to broken glass many times,  as a kid my owner cut her foot on broken glass on a beach,  its a painful experience.   I imagine many of my fellow  pets and many children have suffered the same fate.

So I thought I’d blog my  recovery,  if it stops one person just smashing a bottle for fun and leaving the glass everywhere it will be worth the effort.

Thanks for reading.

Amber  –

Species: Tri Border Collie Cross heinz 57

This is my brother, he was saved by Hope Rescue in Wales, they find homes for dogs that are due to be put to sleep after their 7 days in the pound are up. http://www.hoperescue.org.uk/



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