Day One – Following the vets advice

Back home from the lakes my owner washed my paw in a soloution of 1 part Chlorhex and 100 parts water,  put my foot in a stocking and popped my buster collar on to stop me chewing at the wound.

I couldnt put any weight on my foot,  so I just laid there,  recieving some Tellington Touch,  I woke up once jumped of my futon in the garden under the gazebo,  and just collapsed,  in my slumber I had forgotten about the injury,  but as my left pad took my weight boy did I remember it fast.

My human helped me back up and resumed the Tellington touch .

Later on in the night curled up in bed,  I dreamed of chasing balls and swimming,  alas this is something I doubt I’ll be doing for a while.

An hour after stepping on broken glass in a lake. Last time I injured my paw on broken glass, yes its a bad hobby of mine, there was blood everywhere, this time there was just little spots, it’s a weird kind of L shaped cut, and it hurts like hell, I cant put any wait on my paw at all. So there goes my night Freestyle training, I guess my hopes of being the next dog to win Britians Got Talent will have to be put on hold.


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